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Realistic Media Art Special Exhibition IMAGINE THE ABYSS

  • Period 2021 - 05 - 18 ~ 2021 - 10 - 10
  • Showroom Special Exhibition Gallery
  • Ticket fee Free

“Enter into the mysterious and dangerous sea”
The special exhibition was planned with two questions in mind: “Why have human beings, who cannot breath under the sea, begun diving, and what is the meaning of the undersea world for human beings?”

Humanity has been grateful for the existence of the sea, which has enabled people to maintain livelihoods. However, the sea has always been cold and rough, and the challenge of the sea has constantly been associated with great danger. In particular, ‘diving’ has been a dreaded activity because of the threat of loss of people’s lives. Nevertheless, humanity has continued to battle against the rough seas.

From ancient times until now, humanity has longed for the vast undersea world. Across the ages and in all countries of the world, the god of the sea has existed even in myth and folk tales. Moreover, human beings have continued dreaming of this new world by freely imagining the undersea world.

The desire of humanity to stay under the sea longer and to dive deeper has come true in real life along with the development of scientific technology. After having explored the deepest point of the Mariana Trench, known as the deepest part of the ocean, now humanity is dreaming of a new undersea world again.

The Korea National Maritime Museum is presenting the new undersea world, which humanity is dreaming of, portraying it in virtual reality utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We hope this exhibition would be an opportunity to look back on humanity’s ideals and the infinite possibilities for imagination of the underwater abyss that human beings can have.

Humanity_begin diving

It is uncertain since when mankind first began to challenge the sea. Humanity entered the water to obtain fish and clams thousands of years ago, but it was hard to stay under the sea for a long time because of the inability to breathe. The undersea world was a harsh environment to human beings whose scientific technology had not developed enough yet.

Humanity, frightened of the hard to reach undersea world, has continued to have vague imaginations and longing for the abyss.

In the deep sea, pushing the limits
Having a desire to reach deeper under the sea and to stay longer has made it possible for human beings to create and develop diverse diving devices. Even though the majority of efforts ended in failure, the continued challenges and attempts have led to human beings being able to reach the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, known as the deepest part of the ocean on Earth.

Nautilus 21, take us to the new world

After achieving exploration of the deepest part of the sea, did humanity stop imagining further investigation of the undersea world? The imaginations of human beings and science have extremely close relationships. Scientific technology develops as far as humans can imagine, and the development of scientific technology leads to the expansion of the thought of human beings. Now, we imagine new underwater world by introducing the concept of virtual reality which is pretty familiar to us.

‘Nautilus 21, take us to the new world’, a new underwater world set up in this virtual space, is an expressed experience space, which reinterprets our imaginations.

Toward the deep and dark abyss
The underwater world, which existed in the imagination of human beings, is gradually becoming a reality, along with the development of scientific technology. Along with the development of underwater robot technology, it is becoming less necessary for human beings to explore directly by diving into deep and dark underwater spaces. In addition, as continuous research over a long time has accumulated, we have reached the era in which ordinary citizens as well as exploration experts can experience visiting underwater bases and undersea structures. In line with these developments, the possibility has been raised that the underwater cities of Sci-fi movies could be constructed in the near future.