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Past Exhibition

Hue・Ocean・People・Empathy The Ocean and the Light: Being a H.O.P.E for People

  • Period 2020 - 09 - 29 ~ 2020 - 10 - 25
  • Showroom Ocean Gallery
  • Ticket fee Free

In order to establish a foundation to promote maritime culture, and collect and manage maritime data systematically, the Korea National Maritime Museum has started collecting maritime related modern art works since 2019, and plans to collect them continuously.

Maritime related modern art works are ones created by artists from home and abroad, having meanings connected to the history · culture · society · ecology · and environment of the ocean.

Among those meanings, works for this exhibition have been selected focusing on expressing nature and the ocean, and human beings living there. These works will be displayed according to the themes of 「Hue・Ocean・People・Empathy – The Ocean and the Light: Being a H.O.P.E. for People」.