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Special Exhibition 2020 OCEAN JEJU - 'Jeju Badang' seen from the ocean

  • Period 2020 - 04 - 28 ~ 2020 - 07 - 05
  • Showroom Special Exhibition Hall
  • Ticket fee Free

Wind is the motivation of Ocean Jeju's establishment and change. Wind made civilizations come and go.

Natural marine plants such as crinums, yellow rosemallow, sweet oleander and cactus, along with birds such as storks, fairy pitts and spoonbills all came with the wind.

People also went far out into the ocean with it. But at times, strange winds had carried people away to Okinawa, China, Taiwan, and Philippines; even to places as far as Vietnam. Even though the country's mainstream history thought Jeju as a lonely and deserted place, calling it ‘The Isolated Island', the power of movement granted by this wind cannot be ignored.

Despite the unfortunate image given by harsh marine mentality, the wind is also a symbol which represents the strong culture that is rooted deeply in the Island of Jeju.