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Theme Exhibition FISH MARKET

  • Period 2019 - 07 - 09 ~ 2019 - 10 - 06
  • Showroom Multipurpose hall
  • Ticket fee Free

Welcome to the Fish Market!

The Korea National Maritime Museum (KNMM) has selected “fish market”, the most common space to connect the ocean with the table and through which we can meet the ocean, as the theme of the exhibition. A fish market is the place where a variety of marine products gather and scatter. While the fish market is the site of living of some people, it is also the space where people can notice the seasonal flow and experience the economy better than the statistical numbers in newspaper articles.

A market, can be the central space of commerce, and fish market, above all, has unique features differentiated from other types of markets, due to strong marine products’ rottening. All processes are carried out very fast and busily for the retention of marine products’ freshness. The fish market in our memory is the hectic and vibrant space from early in the morning.

Marine products distribution through a fish market starts when they are contained in fish boxes. To longer, more freshly, and deliciously keep marine products, preservation technology at low temperature and various processing methods have been developed for a long time. We can meet the marine products caught in the outsea in fish markets through diligently and fiercely living merchants ranging from peddlers in the past and the current female merchants in the Jagalchi Market. Although seemingly similar, fish markets nationwide vary in terms of items to sell according to location and main consumers’ characteristics. In specific fish markets in the world, many cods, tunas, and spawns of pollack gather. Sometimes, a fish market forms a culture, and becomes a subject matter of arts including film and painting.

We have shaped a process in which the ocean gather centered on markets, and then they spread wide through the markets in this exhibition. These days when we fill up our shopping baskets in large distribution stores including department stores and large discount marts, we hope you can find special value that fish markets, everyday life spaces to meet the ocean, have through this exhibition.