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Past Exhibition

Theme Exhibition Fishermen crying out for Korea independence

  • Period 2019 - 02 - 28 ~ 2019 - 06 - 02
  • Showroom Multipurpose hall
  • Ticket fee Free

Fishermen of the Joseon dynasty suffered the burden of high taxes.

No matter what the amount of fish they caught, they must pay high taxes on ships and fishing grounds.

In the late period of Joseon dynasty, the fishing grounds were forced to be open to Japan and, to top it off, Korea was taken over by the Japanese.

In the period of Japanese occupation, reckless fishing by Japanese fishermen led Korean fishermen to live hard lives.

After fishery rights and fishing grounds were taken by the Japanese, Korean fishermen started to stand up against Japan.

Celebrating the 100th year of the March 1st Movement, also know as Sam-il Movement, the exhibition would like to look back on Korean fishermen’s resistance against Japan, which is not even introduced in textbooks.

Also, the stories of ancestors displayed in the exhibition will make people in these days consider the ocean they will pass down to the next generation.