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Special convergence exhibition through collaboration of maritime organizations 2018 Ocean Science Art : Oceans, Microscopy and Aesthetics

  • Period 2018 - 12 - 13 ~ 2019 - 02 - 10
  • Showroom Theme Exhibition
  • Ticket fee Free

The main story of the thematic exhibition, , is about the value and the aesthetic potential of the microscopic world discovered in the middle of deep and wide oceans.

It has been considered that the knowledge system of the natural laws, the sciences and creative human activities, the arts are parallel lines which will never intersect. Scientists are supposed to be logical and convincing whereas artists are meant to evoke emotions.

However, the convergence and fusion between the two fields have become the signal for a new paradigm conveying the message, ‘the realization of a new value through communication’. Although the type and the range of the Science Art, so-called Sci-Art, are diverse and wide, this thematic exhibition mainly focuses on Micro Art, scientific and aesthetic artworks produced during scientific experiments.

Every person who studies nature is essentially inquisitive. They want to know how organisms live in nature and interact with each other, and how the power of nature influences the world.

We call the people who study nature deeply “Scientists”. Since a microscope allows scientists to navigate the microscopic world, they can conduct more systematic and scientific research. And while conducting experiments, the discovered micro world showed great aesthetic potential breaking new ground.

The scientific experiments which add aesthetic value are in the spotlight of scientists and various types of rare and unique images have been collected through many academic conferences and science competitions.

Korea National Maritime Museum (KNMM) and Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) worked together for this special exhibition themed the maritime cultural phenomenon, “Science Art”, aiming at finding a way to combine marine science with culture and art.

The experimental data from KIOST’s marine scientists were collected, sorted and reconstructed for this exhibition. The chapter 1 shows microscopes and microscopic images of marine microorganisms.

The chapter 2 explains the trend of various creative works and displays the scientific images extracted from the experiments conducted by scientists. And the chapter 3 introduces the cases which the marine micro world inspired artists.

Through the exhibition which is held with the hope that it will convey the beauty of inner oceans, people will be able to see the visualized order of the inner world and enjoy the aesthetic beauty with wonder.

The inner world of oceans stuns people who face the marvels all the time. The marvels of oceans look strong outside, but the inside is very soft and delicate allowing it to embrace many things.

Under the protection of the ocean, thousands of organisms are able to live.

Since the ocean is a compelling subject and open to anyone, it has been discussed in many different ways.

Seeing the oceans and the attempts to communicate between the science and the art breaking the boundary in this exhibition, we hope the exhibition find an echo in the hearts of the audiences.