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Theme Exhibition Outsea, Dreaming of a Full Load of Fish

  • Period 2017 - 06 - 29 ~ 2017 - 09 - 17
  • Showroom Multipurpose hall
  • Ticket fee Free

This year marked the 60th year of Korean overseas fisheries.

Starting with the departure of the Jinam, the first Korean overseas fisheries vessel, in 1957, the 60year history of the Korean overseas fisheries have been the driving force of the economic growth and served as a foundation.

Although it was a small beginning, the commitment of all the sailors dreaming of a huge catch of fish has played a major role in the development history of fishery.

The special exhibition is showing the lifestyle and sentiment of the crew who have devoted their lives to the Ocean and endured the pain of loneliness and hardships.

Through this special exhibition, we hope you can reflect the relation between the industry of Korean overseas fisheries and people.