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A Special Exhibition in Commemoration of 70th Anniversary of the Navy Foundation Defending the Nation at Sea

  • Period 2015 - 10 - 06 ~ 2015 - 11 - 15
  • Showroom Special Exhibition Hall
  • Ticket fee Free

Throughout the ages, all across the globe, nations with dominion over the sea have ruled the world. Korea’s present prosperity and development can be attributed to pioneers like Admiral Yi Sun-sin, whose legend will remain forever in world history of naval warfare, and Admiral Son Won-il, who founded the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) in recognition of the importance of national maritime defense. Having inherited this noble tradition, the ROKN is dedicated to building itself up as a maritime power.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Korea Navy, the ROKN and the National Maritime Museum have organized a special exhibition called “Defending the Nation at Sea.” This exhibition strives to help all of us forever remember the costly sacrifices made by the ROKN to protect the nation, and furthermore, to create a moment of universal understanding of the significance of national defense, thus bringing global distinction to the nation’s glory.

This special exhibition presents several themes highlighting the ROKN, starting with an introduction to “The Republic of Korea Navy: Carrying On the Spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin,” “A Navy Founded in the Midst of National Liberation,” and “The Navy, Protecting the Nation at Sea.” Another section called “The ‘Great Guys’ Who Guard the Sea” conveys a better understanding of Navy culture in an interesting way, through hands-on experiential activities. As you look around the exhibition, we hope you will take a moment to reflect on the weighty sacrifices and hard-won sweat of the naval armed forces as they have defended the nation and enabled its advancement.