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2014 Special Exhibition The Secret of Healthy Life – Dining Table with Seafood!

  • Period 2014 - 12 - 16 ~ 2015 - 04 - 19
  • Showroom Special Exhibition Hall
  • Ticket fee Free

As Korean peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides, we have been blessed with abundant ocean resources from the old days. Various seafood caught in all seasons of the year, not only make our dining table abundant but also help us to live healthy lives.

Recently, interest in seafood is surging, since some researches show that people who enjoy seafood frequently, tend to have longer life span.

However, not many people understand properly where the seafood on our dining table are coming from, how they are coming to us, how they are promoting our health. This exhibition was planned, hoping to gratify our curiosity about the seafood, and to feel more familiar with the seafood.

In Section 1. ‘Gift from the Ocean, Obtaining Seafood’, various types of seafood and fisheries, will be introduced, and in Section 2. ‘Seafood, the Secret of Healthy Life’, various seafood dishes and their nutritional value, will be dealt.

In Section 3. ‘Protect Our Healthy Dining Table with Safe Seafood’, various systems which help us to enjoy safe seafood, will be introduced.

We hope this exhibition would be an opportunity to learn newly about all the stories of seafood that contain a lot of beneficial nutritive substances, and also how precious the ocean is, to our lives.