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Exhibition of Donated Collection Ⅰ The Epic of Fisherman in City

  • Period 2013 - 04 - 12 ~ 2013 - 05 - 05
  • Showroom Special Exhibition Hall
  • Ticket fee Free

Yeongdo in Busan city, where the National Maritime Museum is located has been being living foundation since prehistoric times through fishing, and is crucial point in Maritime and Fisheries history. Fisheries experimental station, former National Fisheries Research and Development Institute and lots of companies and warehouse were in Yeongdo. National Fisheries University used a fisheries experiment station in Namhang-dong as a temporary place to learn. Therefore it is no exaggeration to say that Yeongdo is the origin of initial period of fishing industry in Korea. However fishing industry in Yeongdo is on the decline by heavy industries, shipbuilding and iron factories are built in Yeongdo.

We met Seung-geun Park, the photographer who took documentary photos on the theme of fishermen in Hari, Yeongdo in 2012. Seung-geun Park wanted to place his work on record of maritime culture by donating his photographs to the National Maritime Museum where maritime culture are being preserved and delivered. And Donation of affectionate photographs of fishermen in city, Hari, was decided through conversations with him who was born and raised in Yeongdo. Working period is just around ten years in numbers, however the photographs represent life and place which are changing day by day. Dongsam Innovation Area where the National Maritime Museum is located was empty when he worked.

His work focused on fishermen in city, Hari is significant nowadays when development and change are rapid. Daily life of people who lives with sea and place where they live should be remained as a crucial part of maritime culture we will record and treasure.

We are hoping to know the people in Hari, Yeongdo taking this exhibition which is start of maritime documentary. We are also realizing the role of the National Maritime Museum to be center for people who love sea and live with sea. We wish you feel something precious in your heart through this exhibition.