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4F Maritime Territory

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4F Maritime Territory

Exhibition Theme

  • The value of the sea
    Changes in the value of the sea :
    It is shown that the sea is newly emerging as a source of natural resources and strategic capabilities with the progress of scientific technologies
    New sea order :
    Introduce the process of the establishment of UN Maritime Law znd the concept of maritime territory.
  • Korea’s maritime territory
    The value of our sea :
    Take an overview of the economic, military and academic values of our maritime territory.
    Korea’s maritime territory :
    Images explaining the value of our sea with a model* of the sea floor of the Korean peninsula.

    *Images of the sea around the Korean peninsula with and without seawater are compared in a simulation model of the sea floor. Also, the territorial waters, EEZ and the characteristics of the East, West and South Seas are presented.

    Our additional maritime power :
    Introduce maritime administration, NGO, etc.
    Maritime Security :
    The navy and maritime police that protect maritime territory.