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Exhibition on Each Floor


Learning the ocean

On the second floor, we have the Children’s Museum where you can see performances for kids along with a variety of experience-based activities under the theme of the ocean and the environment. You can easily access to several convenient facilities for family visitors, including a nursing room and picnic room. You may also want to check out colorful exhibitions on various topics in addition to the ocean and marine environment in the special exhibition hall.

  • Special
    Exhibition Hall

    A multi-purpose exhibition hall that can hzld various kinds of special exhibitions.
    Various special exhibitions will be held in cooperation with domestic and overseas museums, maritime research institutes, etc.

  • Children’s Museum

    Exhibition Theme : The Sea and Environment (centering around a performance theater space). The museum will help children easily understand the sea and environment by experiencing and seeing actual items.

  • The Central Hall

    An architectural design that combines and infuses the shape of both a fan and the Panokseon – a combat boat used during the Joseon Dynasty to express the dynamism of the marine environment.


Meeting the ocean

You can learn and feel the history and culture of the ocean that has existed together with humans through various marine relics and artifacts.
You can also enjoy a close-up view and feel of marine life that is hard to experience in everyday life by touching marine organisms in the aquarium and marine life hall.

  • Maritime Culture

    Life at the sea. The exhibition has been organized along the themes of maritime religions and the traditional fishery techniques and methods that were commonplace among communities who derived their livelihood from the sea.

  • Maritime history and figures

    The challenge and wisdom presented by the sea. Help people to understand the changes and development in ideas about the sea in each age by showing the activities of some notable maritime figures.

  • Ships

    The technology and maritime power of our ancestors. The shapes and designs of Korean traditional ships, the seas where they voyaged, and the records of exchanges and relics are exhibited.

  • Aquarium
  • Maritime Life

    The vast sea and the dynamic creatures that live in it, the origin and diversity of each group of maritime creatures.

  • Maritime Experience

    Our joyful sea. The space has been created so that people can come to pleasantly learn about and appreciate the sea by stimulating their interest and curiosity in maritime leisure and sports.


Sailing to the ocean

On the fourth floor, you can visit the Marine Industry Hall that explains the economic potential and productivity of the ocean, the Marine Science Hall for the sustainable development, and the Marine Territory Hall that illustrates the future potential and development of the ocean.
Don’t forget to drop by the 4D Theater where you can experience the marine world in a very realistic manner.

  • Maritime Territory

    A new possibility suggested by the sea. Spectators will gain a sense of energy when they view this display that emphasizes the opulence and vitality of our seas.

  • Maritime Science

    Maritime exploration for sustainable development.

  • Maritime Industry

    Economic value and productive capacity of the sea – our present maritime status.

  • 4D Theater