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3F Maritime Culture

Exhibition Map

3F Maritime Culture

Exhibition Theme

  • The channel to maritime culture

    characteristics of Korean maritime culture are introduced.

  • Mago Grandmother Lounge

    The birth myths of the Korean peninsula related to the sea (Mago Grandmother, Seolmun Great Grandmother, etc.)are used as the motif of the rest lounge

  • Rituals in Korea to induce a big catch of fish

    Various rituals employed that sought to induce a big catch of fish including Ddibaetnori in Wido Island*, Byeolsingut and Yeongdeunggut.

    Wido Ttibaennori (was designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Asset 82-3 on February 1st, 1985.) : a communal ritual to pray for peace of town and a big catch in Wido island on every January 3rd.