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Mark plate of fishing production survey

  • Nationality Korea
  • Quantity 1
  • Era 1980
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material metal
  • Size(cm) 6.5×16.0

This signboard is the mark attached on sample fishing home of sample survey household for the subject of basic statistics in fishery business.

The subject of basic statistics in fishery business is the survey implemented by National Statistical Office

to make the data necessary to establish maritime and fishery policies, establishment of management plan for fishery business, academic research

and analysis by finding out the basic structure of fishery business for fishery housing, fishery population, fishery business type and scale.

Contents of survey are detailed information of household (name, relationship, age, gender, main fields, period of occupation other than fishery business),

matters on fishery household, such as, characteristics of fishery business household, main work field of concurrent occupation household,

type of fishery business household, status of fishing boat, area of farming, status of informatization and others.