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Military Register of Jeolla-do Province

  • Nationality Republic of Korea
  • Quantity 1
  • Era 1855
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material paper
  • Size(cm) 23.5×33.0

A military register of Jeolla-do Province recording the personal details of individuals subject to military requisition.

The personal details include name, affiliations, place ofesidence, age, face, beard, height, and scars, respectively.

Faces were further categorized according to fie diffeent classificationsfor the presence and severity of pockmarks, often left as the vestiges of diseases like smallpox.

The egister also lists the armored warships (Geobukseon 二龜船, 龜船, 羅州一龜船), runners (najang),

and flag bearers stationed in the coastal regions of Jeolla-do Province, such as Muan, Mokpo, Yeonggwang, Yongam, and Garipo.

At the end of the register is the signature of “Commander Kim” (節度使 金).