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Papers of Maritime Customs

  • Nationality Republic of Korea
  • Quantity 6
  • Era 1891, 1893 and such
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material paper
  • Size(cm) 36.5×32.0

Maritime Customs (Haegwan) was an administrative institution that handled customs matters associated with import/export goods,

just like a present-day customs house (Segwan).

Since trade tariffs potect domestic industries and become part of a nation’s source of income,

they are critical when it comes to trade relations with other countries.

Following the signing of the Korea-Japan Treaty of 1876 (Ganghwado Joyak), Joseon maintained a tariff-free system for import/export trade with Japan.

To ameliorate this unequal treaty, subsequent tariff negotiation were carried out with Japan.

As a result, Incheon Maritime Customs Office was established on June 16, 1883,

followed by customs offices iWonsan in October 1883 and in Busan Customs n November 1883, each conducting their own affairs.

This document shows import/export items, tariffs, and the names of vessels at the Wonsan Customs Office at the time.

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