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기증 422, 409-1, 156 (1).jpg

A Hoe (jeonggae homi) and a Spear (bitchang)

  • Nationality Republic of Korea
  • Quantity 3
  • Era Modern Contemporary
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material wood and metal
  • Donor chea, bada
  • Size(cm) jeonggae homi(left): width 15.0 length 29.5 / bi
  • Donor Date 2012-03-15

A hoe (jeonggae homi) and spear (bitchang) used by haenyo of Jejudo Island to collect seafood, such as abalone.

Theend of each tool has an opening to attach a strap that could be wrapped around their wrist.

Thehoe (jeonggae homi), used for collecting seaweed, resembles those used for farming.

A spear (bitchang) is used for scraping abalone from the rocks.

기증 422, 409-1, 156 (1).jpg