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The Joseon Royal Envoy Bongbyeolsigo (farewell draft poem)

  • Nationality Japan
  • Quantity 1
  • Era 1811
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material paper
  • Size(cm) 143.0×28.0

A poem written by the Japanese upon sending off oyal envoys in 1811 (11th year of Sunjo).

In the Year of the Ram, the Joseon Royal Envoy departed Dongnae on the 12th of the leap month

and arrived on the 29th at Bujoong (府中 Fuchū) on Daemado Island, returning to Busan on July 3rd.

The faewell poem (奉別都護李君) is written by Matsuzaki Godo (松崎慊堂), the preeminent Confucian scholar of Japan at the time,

who was sent by the Japanese government to greet the Royal Envoy.

He wrote this extended heptasyllabic farewell poem for the envoy Yi Myeon-Goo (李勉求).

The poem praises Yi Myeon-Goo’s character and calligraphy, as well as longing after the farewell.

The following farewell poem (恭賦短律八章遙奉寄), a regulated heptasyllabic poem, was composed on March 15th, prior to his departure for Dongnae,

and thus it is assumed that Ueki Akira (植木晃) composed it for the Joseon Royal Envoy who was to leave for Daemado Island from Dongnae.

The poem conveys praise for the great mark the royal enjoy will leave on Japan, and wishes for amity between the two countries.