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  • Nationality Republic of Korea
  • Quantity 1
  • Era The end of the Joseon
  • Exhibition Place in Ships on the 3rd floor
  • Material Paper
  • Size(cm) 17.8X25.5

A book presumed to be a transcription of “Haedoji” by Wee Baek-Gyu (魏伯珪, 1727–1798) of Jangheung.

The first part includes detailed records on the size of an island south of Jangheung, lakes, land taxes,

tributes and such, as well as markings of waterways.

Following the first part are records for the post stations of Dangjin, Yongam, Naju, Chilsanhae, Suwon,

Hwanghae Province, and Pyongan Province, which are in the direction of the west coast waterway from Dangjin to Pyongan Province.

The east coast waterway starts with Jangheung, followed by post stations along Heungyang, Suncheon, Goseong, and Namhae.

The book also records various types of vessels and information on currents and tide times.