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해양 542, 해양 565-3, 해양 1635-1, 해양 1635-10, 해양 1635-9, 해양 1635-5(왼쪽부터).jpg

Fishing Equipments

  • Nationality -
  • Quantity 10
  • Era Modern Contemporary
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material wood
  • Size(cm) needle bar length 30.0 / bitdae length 23.7

A tool to weave or mend nets. It functions as both a needle and a spool around which to wrap net thread.

Using a needle bar to weave a net is called a needle bar weaving, and requires a mesh stick, a needle bar, and net thread.

The mesh stick functions as a “measuring ruler,” enabling regular sizing of the mesh knots.

The circumference of the mesh stick is the size of a mesh knot.

해양 1635-9, 해양 565-3, 해양 542, 해양 1635-1, 해양 1635-10, 해양 1635-5(왼쪽부터 시계방향).jpg