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해양 1585.jpg

Royal Edict to Jo Don

  • Nationality Republic of Korea
  • Quantity 1
  • Era 1756
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material paper
  • Size(cm) 161.0×56.3

A secret royal edit (密符諭書) sent by King Yeongjo to Jo Don (趙暾),

who served as the civil governor of Chungcheong-do Province,

the provincial army/naval commander as well as governor,

in 1756 (Yeongjo year 32). Jo Don received the order while serving as second royal secretary.

He became governor of Chungcheong-do Province on February 4, 1756 (Yeongjo year 32)

and served for about 8 months until October of the same year.

해양 1585.jpg