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Captain Cook’s Voyages

  • Nationality England
  • Quantity 9
  • Era 1773, 1777, 1784
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material Paper, Leather
  • Size(cm) book23.5×29.3, map42.1×61.3

The first edition of an accounts of Captain Cook’s Voyages.

British explorer and navigator James Cook (1728–1779), widely known as “Captain Cook,”

made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean and discovered new geographic information.

Navigating through New Zealand and Australia, he reached Antarctica and discovered many Pacific islands, finally making a map of the Pacific cean.

His first oyage was to New Zealand and Australia; the second voyage in 1772 reached the Antarctic Circle;

and the third voyage included passage through the Bering Strait to reach the Arctic Ocean, from a departure point in the Pacific Ocean.

During his third and final oyage, Cook returned for a period to the Hawaiian Archipelago,

where he was killed in a confrontation with villagers. However,

the remaining crew completed his final voyage and published an account of it.

해양 1740.jpg