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Cheollian Satellite

  • Nationality Korea
  • Quantity 1
  • Era modern
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material metal
  • Size(cm) 73.0×80.0×86.0
  • Donor Date 2011-02-08

The Cheollian Satellite is the first suspended orbit satellite developed our own technology and was launched on June 27, 2010.

It is located on the air distance of 36,000km, and east longitude of 128.2˚ to observe the Northeast Asian region during the day time for 8 times a day.

Cheollian Satellite is loaded with the communication tower, climate tower and marine tower to undertake diverse duties.
Cheollian for GOCI (Geostationary Ocean Color Image) observes the marine environment around the Korean Peninsula for 2,500km×2,500km to undertake marine ecology system,

quasi real-time monitoring, long- and short-term marine environment and climate change monitoring,

coastal and marine environment monitoring and resource management, production and marine and fishery information and others.