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  • Nationality Republic of Korea
  • Quantity 1
  • Era -
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material Bamboo
  • Size(cm) 79.4×36.3×22.8

This is a cradle used in Jeju-do to hold a baby.

'Gudeok' means bamboo basket.

When a child is born, the baby is carried in the cradle until the child becomes 3 years old in general.

​The body of Gudeok is covered with a net woven with bamboo strips.

A bunch of branches of barley and a blanket are put on the bottom of the cradle and those work as bedding.

The barley cushion helps keep baby’s temperature and let baby’s urine out.

When people are working in a farmland, they put a cradle with a baby inside on a furrow.

Rocking the cradle with their foot, they could sew or weave while the baby is sleeping inside the swinging cradle.