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  • Nationality Japan
  • Quantity 1
  • Era 1903
  • Exhibition Place -
  • Material paper
  • Size(cm) 78.0×54.3

A detailed map of Asia, Europe, and Africa with accurate measures made in 1903 by the Japanese Imperial Army

and Navy Survey Department. A territorial boundary line between Joseon and Japan is depicted on the East Sea.

Here, Takeshima Island (竹島, Ulleungdo Island) and Matsushima Island (松島, Dokdo Island),

shown with their Japanese names, are designated as Joseon territory.

The boundary separating Korea and Japan is marked halfway between Dokdo Island and Oki Island (隱岐),

indicating that the Japanese government at the time recognized Dokdo Island as the eastern boundary of the Korean Empire.

The apanese owner of the map at the time marked his route traversing the continent in red.