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Replication and access

and access

Objects for replication and access

  • The collections preserved in Korea National Maritime Museum and data related to the collections
  • The replication of or access to the private collections preserved in KNMM must be conducted with the owner’s consent.


  • Send the application for replication or access to the person in charge after filling out the form
  • you intend to delay the schedule for replication of or access to artifacts, you need to request a delay by submitting the application.
  • Curator in charge : the members of department of conservation.
  • E-mail : / Office : 051. 309. 1861 / Fax : 051. 309. 1839
Application for replication/access Application for delay

Application acceptance and permission

After reviewing the submitted application, the result will be informed.

Compliance rules

  • When your publications, research reports, videos and other types of data use the materials or data from the collections of KNMM, the source must be identified.
  • Replication of and access to the material will be conducted only for the purpose described in the application.
  • The other details will be taken care of by the person in charge.


- Charge will be expected when the purposes of replication are not applicable to the cases below.

  1. 1 When it is replicated and used for the purpose of promotion or media coverage by nations or local government entities.
  2. 2 When it is replicated and used for educational purposes by educational institutions
  3. 3 When it is replicated and used for research by nonprofit academic institutions
  4. 4 When it is replicated and used for executing museum’s business by agencies.
  5. 5 When it is replicated and used for the cases the Director General of KNMM approves.