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  • 2021 Special Exhibition Wonderworld Maps
    Connecting Longingness
    Beyond The Horizon
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  • Realistic Media Art Special Exhibition IMAGINE
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  • Permanent Exhibitions Maritime Life Origin of marine organisms and
    Diversity are exhibited.
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  • Permanent Exhibitions Maritime Culture Life at the sea

    The exhibition has been organized along the themes of
    maritime religions and the traditional fishery techniques
    and methods that were commonplace among communities
    who derived their livelihood from the sea.
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  • Permanent Exhibition Ships The technology and maritime power of our ancestors

    The shapes of Korean traditional ships, the seas where
    they voyaged, and the records of exchanges and relics are exhibited.
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  • Permanent Exhibition Maritime
    Historical Figures
    The changes and development in the maritime spirit in each
    era are shown with the activities of maritime figures
    from history.
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